Leaving snowy, shamrock decorated Ireland on the 18th of March for warm, breezy Portugal was the perfect escape. Camilo (my friend from school) came and visited me on St. Patrick’s Day and we traveled for the entirety of week 2 of my spring break (week 1 was spent in Belfast, Northern Ireland).
We landed in Portugal on time and found our hotel with no troubles.
Camilo and I did not know much about Lisbon upon arrival, but we did have a list…

This list came into our possession the week before. I had commented on an Instagramer I follow who is based in Lisbon. And with my sparing luck, she (Leah) commented back and emailed me a detailed list of all the places she would recommend. This is her handle if you want to check her out: @sardinesplease.

Day 1 involved Paella for breakfast and much walking. We were also given a couple names of lookout spots to get an even better view of the city. The one we took advantage of was Mirador de Santa Catarina (the other we didn’t make it to, but wish we had, is called Mirador de Sap Pedro de Alcantara). Evening came, and Camilo and I found ourselves at the LX Factory, an area in Lisbon filled with trendy, independent shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and Portuguese music. It was a beautiful evening where we started at a small concept store/coffee house called Wish, followed by a nice restaurant called A Praça (it was a tasty meal but a bit pricey).


Day 2, exploration continued. For breakfast, we went to The Mill, the #1 coffeehouse listed by Leah. It was delicious with a very cute aesthetic. For dinner, we decided to treat ourselves by going to one of Jose Avillez’s restaurants (a popular chef in Portugal) called Bairro do Avillez. We went to the backroom (the front room has the small menu and the back room had the bigger menu). One thing for sure is that I’ve never had better black beans than the ones I had here. I still dream about those beans…


Day 3 was spent in Sintra, Portugal, just a cheap, hour-long train ride away from downtown Lisbon (I’ll post photos of Sintra in a different post. I took so many). To be quite honest, we didn’t eat much during the day, but in the evening, after returning to Lisbon, we found a small middle eastern restaurant that was very tasty and the staff very accommodating and sweet. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the name, but it was tucked away somewhere among the many alleys, so if you come across it let me know. 

I cannot wait to return to Portugal. Partly to visit other cities, but also to finish the rest of Leah’s Lisbon list! Hopefully, soon I can do so.

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