Late Days, Early Mornings

In Seville, my friend Camilo took these photos of me.
I figured I may make a fashion post out of them since I haven’t done one in a while.

Jeans: Pilcro from Anthropologie | Shirt: Zara | Scarf: Gift from Africa | Bag: From a boutique in Portsmouth, UK | Shoes: Burkenstocks | Sunglasses: prescription brand

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on my times abroad. Seeing my other friends traveling this summer has put into perspective how lucky I was able to travel so much over one semester. However, now more than ever, I want to return to that lifestyle. Even though it is rather impractical for me, at the moment.
During these summer months, I am brainstorming future plans involving travel as I drive to work each morning and return home each evening.
Summer in Massachusetts is great, but there is something about traveling, whether to somewhere cold or warm, that draws in different emotions and awe that one simply cannot receive from their childhood walking grounds.

I do have more travel posts to put up on this platform. They’ll come soon.
Sorry for the delay.

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