Ireland Part 1: The Start

I haven’t mentioned this yet, although I have alluded to it in recent posts, but for my 6th semester of college I am studying in Dublin, Ireland. This is my first time in Ireland, and I’ve been here for a week, so I want to take some time to evaluate the adventure thus far.

I arrived four days early with my whole family so we could have time to explore the city a bit and do some of the touristy attractions. It was their first time in Ireland as well. Our hotel was on Camden Street in Dublin 2, and my first legal drink was a Guinness at the pub Ryan’s (still being new to the beer scene I was not in favor of the Guinness as it is definitely a drink one should build up to. I’m starting slow). The whole day was spent drinking and wandering.


Our first tourist stop was Kilmainham Gaol (the infamous jail). When we arrived by taxi (we took many taxis, Uber is not nearly as big a thing as it is in the U.S.), we went to get tickets for the tour. However, the tour was sold out until Monday. Fortunately, we were still able to view the museum.


Conveniently, the Guinness Storehouse is not so far off from the jail so we went there to continue our touring tendencies. The storehouse was very interactive and worth one’s while. We each were able to pour our own pint of Guinness and make our way up to the Gravity Bar to finish it off. I drank more of it than I had at Ryan’s, where I had maybe half a sip. This time I believed to have over ten sips. Taking it slow.


The night followed with more drinking and indulging. One place we found and loved were the live performers and Irish step dancers at the Arlington Hotel. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip with my family. The food was very yummy and wine delightful. To follow, we went to the Temple Bar area.


Sunday we woke early to take a train to Galway. Somehow we all managed to make it there without too many complaints. Upon arrival we realized we had no idea where we should go or what we should do. I recommended breakfast as I was feeling a tad groggy from the previous night out. We asked a cab drivers for a good place near by. I had many traditional Irish breakfasts on this trip, and I assume many more to come over the course of the semester.
After eating, my dad and brother went to find a hotel to leave our belongings, while my mom and I went to the tourist office to figure out what we should do next. The woman there drew us out a little map and off we went to the downtown area made of cobble stone streets, lined with colorful buildings.


Galway was great. We had a wonderful time, and spent the evening at Blake’s pub where we met a small group of awesome people. For sure will visit Galway again, especially so I can make my way to the Cliffs of Moher.

Returning to Dublin the next morning consisted of us dropping off all of our bags at the hotel and taking a taxi back to Kilmainham Gaol. Ireland with its rain proved itself on this tour. It was very cold and damp in the jail, and when the group moved outside everyone immediately became chilled and wet. The content was interesting I thought, the rain just had dampened the mood a tad at the end there, but overall a good attraction to visit.


I moved into my school dorm the next day and I met my new roommates who I enjoy a lot. A very fun bunch. Tuesday was the final night my family would be in Ireland, so I tagged along with them rather than staying at school. We went out to a very nice Italian restaurant on Harcourt Street. It was a very pleasant evening. The next morning we went to Gerry’s, a popular breakfast joint just off Camden. There is a great atmosphere in there. Also, their porridge is very yummy.


Its was super nice hanging out with my family like we had. Everyone being legal to drink was 100% a plus too. Can’t wait for my friends to visit next.


I will be posting more of my adventures, whether they are in Ireland or somewhere else in Europe, very soon. Currently planning out where I would like to visit first. Some trips are solidified already, but I don’t want to spoil anything yet. What’s the fun in that?
Let me know if you have any recommendation of places to visit. It can be as little as a pub in Dublin to an entire country within Europe. Whatever comes to mind. 

3 thoughts on “Ireland Part 1: The Start

  1. You need to go to visit the pub in Dublin where there is a statue of the lead singer of Thin Lizzy out front…I forget his name but if you ask anyone they can tell you where to go..Pls take a picture and send home…keep writing Love Dad

  2. Hey there, friend. I love that you ate porridge. Makes me think that you are Goldilocks. I have one suggestion for you: I think you should go to Belfast!!! I hear it’s a jolly good time.

    Loved the pics, love the fam– I miss you already but CANNOT wait to visit.

  3. Arica, you seem so much more grown up and worldly. I enjoyed reading your article and viewing all your photos. It reminds me of all the memorable times my family went to Europe together when I was younger.
    These will be great times and great memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy life!

    Aunt Diana

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