SWINE MASK: Rachel’s Dream Series

October 28, 2015

A journey across the sea calls for an equipped machine. In our case, we had to build such a machine out of miscellaneous materials, where the end, middle, and front of the boat was configured using hard plastics, and the material connecting these parts was soft plastic inflated with air. These sections contained a series of tunnels to reach the underside of the boat, so once we set sail some stayed down there to avoid the sting of the sun, whereas I spent most of the time at the front of the boat in order to balance out the weight.

The expenditure began as all do, open seas and whatnot, but eventually the ocean opened up into a water highway. Hundreds of other boats appeared, perfectly conforming to an unspoken sea law, following traffic as if it were commonplace within these parts. We went over bridges, under overpasses, all without a word of discrepancy between our crew. Commonplace. Okay.

When we arrived to the island, there was a hobble patiently awaiting our barefoot trespass. Instead of accepting its hospitality like the rest of the crew, I escaped to the water’s edge where cold waves welcomed me far warmer than any home could do. This ephemeral bliss was interrupted by a glimmer in the distance; a breaking wave turning a ruby red. I quickly retracted my feet from the water and climbed the rocks behind me to see clearer.

The ambiance of the beaches changed. The light that once danced atop the sea had retreated, leaving only the glow of red to light up the sky. The same ruby wave approached the beaches, and carried with it a girl. She floated to the surface with bits and pieces of flesh missing from her face, torso, and legs. Shortly after, a creature emerged looking like some variation of what I thought was a pig. Upon a closer investigation, it appeared to be a human head, with the skin of a pig’s face sewn into the human flesh.

I believed both entities to be deceased, maybe some sick murder of mutilation, until the creature spoke. It’s mouth moved unnaturally and strained; stray slivers of skin attached to its jaws strung like a guitar. It went on to explain to the beach-goers that we, as humans, disrespect pigs as a species, so he was created to teach us a lesson. He wouldn’t stop until he himself had a taste of every human on the island.


And then I woke up.

3 thoughts on “SWINE MASK: Rachel’s Dream Series

  1. What a nightmare! So happy that you woke up at the end. Probably was better if you woke up earlier before you saw the red sea. Wishing you sweet dreams. Great writing and imagination!

    Aunt Diana

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