4AM: Rachel’s Dream Series

August 15, 2016

I was having a sleepover with a little girl that my dream-self had somehow known for years. In the middle of the night, she started to get really cold so I turned on the fire place, put a blanket on her, and turned on the television. She started to get really nervous at around 3 AM and began to say “he’s coming with friends” over and over again. Soon after, a man’s voice could be heard repeatedly saying “I’m coming with friends.” At about 4 AM, a man approached the glass door to our left and he just stood there, naked with alabaster skin and a face that couldn’t settle on a form, an ocean of pained expressions. His mouth wasn’t moving but a chorus of voices in my head rang “you’re going to let us in.” And with no apprehension I did so. His body entered the home and dispersed like a shadow throughout.

The girl who was previously frozen in a gaze jumped off of the couch and began to run with the shadows around the living room and into the kitchen, locking the windows as she went. The shadow man moved with such ease and certainty that this could not have been the twos first encounter. It almost looked like a sort of ritual, a dance between the living and the dead, eerily entertaining yet foreboding. I kept asking her what she was doing and I would get no response, but she was clearly terrified despite the elegance of her movements.

Eventually, she grabbed my hand and took me upstairs to a vault where she said we would be safe from the “ghosts” and continued to tell me that this happened every night at 4 AM. Once in the vault she showed me how to lock it properly and in a matter of a few minutes the girl said she had to retrieve something downstairs, so we came up with a secret knock so I would know it was her when she came back. A thought skimmed my mind: what if she is not coming back alone? So before she left I tested to see if the locks worked. I asked her to come back in, and she sauntered through the door with ease: she had shown me the wrong locks. She had set me up and wanted whoever was outside to come in because she had shown me how to lock the vault from the inside.

And then I woke up.

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