a friend texted me this evening.
she wrote  <I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately>
I told her I was nostalgic over the summer.
which I was. This summer I spent much time in the car listening to songs, singing, and thinking.

<it sucks; it’s sad> she said.

me <sometimes I have dreams where I can pull my teeth out and I’m like wtf. And last night I did and apparently if it hurts when they come out it means you are afraid to grow up. If it doesn’t hurt it means you are okay with growing up. It may feel weird though. And mine didn’t hurt, they never do when I have these dreams and it’s strange. I love my childhood and would love to relive it, but I guess I’m also excited for my future because I know good things are to come. Do you have those dreams sometimes?>

her <I’ve been having very strange dreams. And I’m not longing to go back but I’ve been very reminiscent but excited for the future.
I feel like I’ve been wanting to grow up for so long that now that it’s happening I’m wishing I’d appreciate day by day.>

And what she said is very true. I do always look for what is next, who will I be, who will I see? Even if that next only extends to the next day rather than the next decade.

or perhaps i’m just thinking too much.

I took these photos in April. Felt that they suited these thoughts and dialogue.

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