Sea Through the Mirrors

A couple years ago, Rachel and I went to Newbury Street in Boston for a shopping trip. To bring some context, when Rachel and I go shopping together one must expect to encounter many impulse buys.
The dress, as seen below, was one of those purchases of mine.

A good friend of mine by the name of Bryan is an up and coming photographer. He does excellent work, and I am very proud of how far he has come in his photoing career (I will link his new website along with his Instagram account down below). Seeking out models to shoot, Bryan texted me earlier this summer asking if we can take pictures sometime in the near future.
After deciding a date, we came up with a look that would feature a long, slim black dress paired with leather booties, a black sun hat, and dark eye makeup. The landscape was imagined to involve sand dunes.
None of that happened.
In the parking lot of the place we decided to go (World’s End), Bryan ditched the idea of the edgier look and requested that I wear the country gown.
Coming upon the mirror exhibit, highlighted in this shoot, we knew we had found something special.
I find there to be many different moods exemplified in these shots. This is something I thoroughly enjoy. I hope you do too.


Bryan’s Photography Outlets:

These 2 photos were taken before the mirrors, but I very much so like them just as I do the others, so I figured I would include them.


One thought on “Sea Through the Mirrors

  1. Arica,

    I really enjoyed these mirror shots of you in the country dress (Good call Bryan!!!) The shots were amazing!

    Keep up the modeling and the great work on your blog. I enjoy seeing and reading them.

    Aunt Diana

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