Humid’s Day Haze

I spend my sleep in haunting dreams.

and while i would like to consider my “intimidating” dreams nightmares, as most do, i do not. for my fantasy self never seems scared while in the action. rather, i just keep traveling away from predators whose identities always remain somewhat unknown. these episodes speak volumes to how my physical self reacts with the daily delusion i lead. with moving hands, detours have seemed to be my consistent means of transportation, ever slowly getting farther from where i’m heading, never closer. minutes keeps adding themselves to the face, never decreasing. “but don’t you dare slow that speedometer,” voices from afar whisper.
the tortoises are inching ever so slowly nearer to me, someone who i hope has no resemblance to a hare.
keep going, keep moving..
keep pushing and pushing..

● ○ ●

i try to forget this slogan. when i do i no longer find myself napping along the roadside.

shirt: Madewell | pants: American Eagle | shoes: Vans | anklet: a gift from Utah

Many people do not like humidity. I am not one of them. Telling from the slight rain and overgrowth, it was a humid and particular Sunday when these images were captured. I was not planning to post anything as I chose these clothes to layer with my skin; however, the weather and leaves urged me. So here you find me with an umbrella resting so awkwardly, picturesque on my shoulder. enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Humid’s Day Haze

  1. Arica, I loved reading this blog which I found intriguing. I love your courage during your dream cycle. You do not allow yourself to be scared during a bad dream. I wish I had that kind of strength. It’s very admirable. ❤️
    See you soon…. Aunt Diana

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