Rabbit Hole

With my long commute I think and listen more than I speak. I think about other people and places. I think of fuzzy dreams and of computer screens. I listen to classics, newbies, and an ebook I recently purchased.
ebooks are good when your attention is strong and the book is easy to follow. But I trail, and I realized that I’m not so good at focusing as I thought I would be. There are 3 characters in the story whose purpose to the plot is still unknown to me. I just hear their names and I say “oh yes the one that kills people with his dieting company” or “the ones that jump into the road and screw up Newt’s driving, right got it.”
And I come to conclusions in the car’s not so silent silence. Conclusions such as:
This smoothie is very thick today. I need fatter straws.
I enjoy this song. I will send it to my friend for him to enjoy as well.
It is a warm, frustrating summer. The kind where the heat feels nice on your skin but you are also sweating through your “fancy, business attire” clothing, so it doesn’t feel as good anymore.
I think I’ll go to the gym this weekend.
I think I’ll go to the beach after the gym.
I think I’ll go buy a sketch book after the beach.
I think I’ll go to the fabric store to pick up some supplies after I buy my book.
I think I’ll ride my bike.

Ride my bike a little like such ~

bike: the year 1989 | shirt: Banana Republic | pants: Aerie | shoes: Vans | anklet: a gift

Then I come home. Turn the car off. Gather all my things to drop on the island and I change. I say some words. Eat some food. Shower. Then I go to bed. And I dream of what I hope summer to be, and in dazes of half consciousness I wonder if I can fit in all the hoped actions and feelings into a collection of hot and/or rainy weekends. After doing the math in my head, I realize I need to fall into a rabbit hole to become that person and live that lifestyle, and then come back with the time unchanged to think & listen once more..

alarm, wake, drive.


One thought on “Rabbit Hole

  1. Arica,

    Don’t let summer go by without coming to our lake house with your family! Time passes quickly! Talk to your family and see if we can coordinate some fun and relaxing time at the lake ( don’t forget you have to sing around the campfire! ) Love you!

    Aunt Diana

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