Planted Trees

To lose a tree is a very sorrowful thing.
For all they do is grow and keep beings such as us healthy and strong.
What would world be like with no tree?
I read a story by Jean Giono, a famous French author, a fantastic inspiration.
At each turn of the page in his short story I expected disaster by human hands.
But the story rolled on as being sweet and generous.
The purest generosity with no external factors other than wanted beauty,
ethical balance.
The story was of a lonely man who lived in a barren land with his sheep and dog.
A traveler came across this quiet soul to ask for water and warmth,
for the land was harsh and windy.
The man provided the hospitality and they grew to be silent friends.
The traveler watched him as he chose acorns from a small string bag.
100 acorns, 100 seeds.
The next day they were carefully planted by the middle-age man.
10,000 will grow from 100,000 planted, he explained suddenly,
and at that point many thousands more will be on their way.
A forest is what he desired, and a forest is what he created.
“He was one of God’s athletes.”

The type of event with no celebration for the doer, just for the love of the game.

— read “The Man Who Planted Trees” the wood engravings by Michael McCurdy in my  version are wonderful depictions of the text and I guarantee you will also enjoy

One thought on “Planted Trees

  1. I was taken in by this post and the essence of it on many levels. I miss my weeping willow that my dad cut down when I was young. I think of the memories we shared and know what it is like to love a tree.

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