12/31/16 to 1/1/17 Timeline

New Years Eve:
the night of new years eve and morning of new years day

-8pm:  huddled in a room with two past lovers and many current ones as well
surprise we yelled!
a father aged at 60 cried
it was rather sweet

–9pm: we shuffled into a basement
cold and damp it was
but filled with warm bodies
it was not so bad

—10pm: big glass of champagne to follow my smaller one of red wine
big gulps and big smiles
met someone new who also has a rescue

—-11pm: found all my friends together
some already put in bed
noticed the tv had times square on it
talked on the couch with two and was not sure what to do
sharpie tattoos

—–12am: kiss
and kiss and kiss
champagne grabbed from the fridge and opened
film used from an old old camera

——1am: words and pictures
kissed my best friend wasn’t sure how it started
rested on couch for no more than 2

——-2am: few people left and dispersed
kissed more
bottle thrown
gash on my eyebrow
what can you do
2 helped me clean it in the small bathroom

——–3am: close corners
more people gone by car or sleep
laid down with a friend and talked about something I can not remember
found my way back out with the thinning crowd

———4am: sat on floor with 3 others
talked and talked more
cried sad moments are here and have gone
don’t say that don’t say that

———-5am: sleep time to sleep
but I was sitting on a chair with vaseline on my eyebrow
and my old glass in my hand
same bed sleep sleep

———–9am: alarm alarm

————10am: stitches and pick ups

————-5pm: home again
long day in sick rooms
just want to lay and think about yesterday and this early morning
sleep it off and wait until tomorrow to live again

————–11pm: time to rest and
sleep through text messages
nothing has changed

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