it was 5 am and the room was dark with quiet slumbers
i felt a sleepless energy pulse
an energy of urgency and planning
i called for my car
it was dark
blended in with its surroundings as it pulled up the drive
cobblestone bottoms it rumbled
i remember waiting
for this peculiar car filled with two unknowns
it had rained in the earliest hours of the night
i watched from the bench as stumblers made their way back to their dorms
a slow awkward walk they made
exhausted from their doings
but my side show fell apart as the car sped away
to first drop off stranger 1
she was a short pulp women
worn from life
you could see the light in her eyes have faded over time
she was older and lonelier
we arrived to her home
next to others carved from the same tree
painted with patterns
to match the cool feel of this early september morning
the door shut and i almost hoped to see her again
but was not sure why
the car moved and we turned right at the end of the skinny lane
little words were spoken but mostly just grumbles and sighs
terminal 4
i said
yes jfk
i said
yes not laguardia
i said
he had hoped it was laguardia
i was happy it was not
bye i said
have a nice trip
was his reply
that ending word
the word that is always sure
yet the people who speak it are not
good bye
but for how long
why not stay
my plane was on time as was i
with my hot chai and crumbly croissant
i gathered my things and boarded alone
with everyone else
who seemed as alone as i
my seat was easy to find
and at 7:30 am
we sped into the sky

These are pictures from my time spent in Virginia/ West Virginia in early September. I had gone for my cousin’s wedding. It was on a vineyard and was beautiful. It matched my mother’s paintings she had done for him, his husband, and his guests. But below are photos of our evening trip to Harpers Ferry. Enjoy.


up until the clouds consumed
and i started to feel less alone
dont tell me goodbye
tell me hello □

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