It has been some time since I have written on this platform of mine. While I do blog weekly for my environmental studies class, I have sorrowfully rejected my personal page.
I returned to Massachusetts today, and after a long 3 months, I was reunited with my puppy and of course Ike. Yes, my family got another puppy in March. He was a rescue baby and boy has he grown. He started off so small, a little bundle of fur with the scent of the old barn in Arkansas still lingering.

He nipped and whined his way to our hearts. Both of those toys in the pictures have been demolished months ago. His name is Teddy Roo after Theodore Roosevelt. Roo is a mutt. A cross between an Australian Shepard (although he looks nothing like one) and we think a Catahoula Leopard Dog. But who in all honesty knows what he is.
All that matters is that he comes when you call and eats weeds when you need.

I started calling him Bear for no particular reason one day over the summer. It just stuck with me and I cannot get it out of my head. It’s not because his name is Teddy either. Personally, I just wanted his name to be Roo, but we had to compromise with my dad who would not stand for anything other than the name Teddy.
Toward the end of my summer, I was picking cherry tomatoes from the garden and I figured out my reasoning for Bear. Growing up I loved Pooh Bear, so Roo Bear unconsciously felt right and harmonious. And that is how come he is my Bear.


This is my favorite picture of Bear sitting before the wood. He looks smaller in photos than he really is by the way. Do not let him fool you. The dog is something of a beast. I swear he doubled in size since I left in August. I can’t wait to walk him on trails in the woods. To again feel his power and be reminded of the freedoms we all have as creatures of Earth.


People and animals alike, we all hear the song of the changing seasons when we stop to listen, and that does not only refer to the coloring and falling of leaves.

2 thoughts on “Bear

  1. Arica,

    Great blog and photos! So happy that you are home safely. Enjoy every minute with Bear because, like children, they grow up so quickly! Happy Thanksgiving wishes are sent to you and your family …… and remember ……”there’s no place like home. “

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