Reaching For Hevin

Featuring Erin Clifford

Devin Lydon is a nineteen year old with a passion for fashion.
I remember in high school during our senior year he would tell close friends about how he wanted to start his own street wear company.
Hevin Industries is what he called it.
And while I was enthusiastic for him and also impressed, I never knew how far he would run with it. The expectation was that he would keep with it for sometime and then it would die away. But that is not what happened, and Hevin Industries is flying higher and higher with each new order Devin puts in.

Featuring Devin Lydon & Bryan Prendeville

The first article of clothing he designed was a grey t-shirt. A simple design with his classic swooped H symbol on the chest with “HEVIN IND.” written in red underneath.
The back is where the interest lies with much line work and HVN printed in a cool, urban font. Devin is very much a business in the front, party in the back type guy. However, he always has his up and coming company on the mind.

Recently I did my first photo shoot with Devin and two of our friends, Jack and Ally. We all dragged ourselves out of bed to one of the local cranberry bogs and found a nice spot to shoot some pictures that showed off the new girl tanks. The photos came out great and I was so happy to finally show up on Hevin’s Instagram page (which I will link below along with his other contact information).

Featuring Myself, Ally Burke & Jack Bannon

Devin’s heart belongs to Hanson, as does his company. Hanson, also considered H-Town, is the land of cranberry bogs, which is why his designs often show off a bold cranberry
red color.
I asked Devin: “Why is it that you keep Hevin local?”
He replied: “I keep Hevin local because Hanson and the South Shore is my home. We want to tell our story based on the land we come from. Our peers in Hanson have shown us love and support back.”
Devin’s team is a group of Hanson Homies who have all grown up together making Hevin Industries a tightly knit company with good vibes and bonds. Bryan Prendeville is one of those individuals. As vice president of Hevin, Bryan has made a big impact on the company and his photography skills are stellar, a massive score for Hevin.

Featuring Jack & Bryan
Devin & Pat Princiotta
Kyle Lydon

He has done multiple shoots in Boston too, expanding his brand to the capital of our home state. We have also talked about him coming to visit me in New York City which leads me to my next question: “What are your plans for the future?”
To this he answered: “The near future has a lot in store, once our conquest of the South Shore is complete we certainly have Boston in our sights. The ultimate goal further into the future is to become a well established brand in the city Boston with a headquarters, office, flagship store, etc. From there, who knows the future holds other than new and exciting ideas.”

Featuring Devin
Ryan Kelly & Christian Geronaitis

Devin follows a path to the Hevins. With the number 7, the angels number, consistently making an appearance in his apparel and graphic designs, Devin has created a brand that has a positive edge.
He has heart and his creative brain is always ticking with new ideas, and so I needed to know directly from the man himself: “What is your message?”
To this Devin said“Hevin’s message as a brand and as a movement is a distorted view of traditional “Heaven”. A play on words, we strive to produce new takes and ideas on
street wear.”
In earlier designs he created the slogan “All Dawgs go to Hevin” which to me is a tribute to his best friends who model his clothing and to his supporters who buy each product.
And where there are Angels there are Devils, and Devin includes designs using the “Hevin’s Devils” signature to promote his online shop on his Instagram feed.

Featuring Devin

“It is my own personal Hevin,” he says concluding his response about his message.

The brand is so young, and while Devin has a clear view of what he wants it to become, I still think there is so much more not only in the business but in the idea overall that has yet to be discovered, and I am excited to watch it grow to become something brilliant.


Instagram- @hvnind

Twitter- @HVNIND

Online Shop-


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