Stormy Strokes

It was a quiet night. I made my way upstairs to the heat consumed studio and found old and oversized overalls covered in paint strokes that were cheated of their inclusion on past canvases. I stepped into the suit and rolled up the bottoms that would have otherwise dragged along the cream colored carpet.

The small canvas had been waiting on my desk for quite sometime. Missed opportunities and lost inspiration.

My mind was cloudy yet I saw a chance through the grey and with that created this.


It was late when I finished,

however, it felt like dawn and I slept soundly for once and woke up feeling a little less stormy.

One thought on “Stormy Strokes

  1. Art can be used for so many reasons. Glad that you were able to revisit your canvas and create such an emotional feeling filled with your own expressions and thoughts. Great job!

    Aunt Diana


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