Fenced In


shirt: Francesca’s | shorts: American Eagle | hat: Jackie’s | shoes: one of a kind

When I buy something, usually cheap and random, I end up obsessing over it for a few weeks until I forget about it for some span of time and then miraculously rediscover it’s greatness and repeat.

That is what this hat is and will end up being. It’s somewhat large on my noggin but I almost like it better that way. During a gust of wind I unconsciously reach to hold it still because otherwise my obsession will fly away and that will be a thing not worth losing yet.

I’ve been up late the past few nights. Trouble sleeping.

Something to do with the heat or my phone or my overactive brain feeling unaccomplished. One of those three.

When I did manage to drift off I had three dreams stored in my morning memory clear enough to type about.

I dreamed that I was really good friends with Kylie Jenner. That was interesting. Totally unimportant unless you are a dream analyzer and tell me something about how I am at a loss for confidence (apparently that is what befriending celebrity dreams mean). Not sure if that is the case. It is hard to tell in a world like this one.

Within that dream was a different portion where I discovered multiple relatives I had never knew of before meeting them on vacation. We were all packed into a tall house built along a dark ocean on a cleared hill top. The walls were all paneled and the rooms small and closed off. I turned a corner at one point and a large, chubby man with bright yellow hair saw me and made a comment on how it was finally nice to meet me. He then shuffled off down the dark hall to find his toothbrush. His teeth were rather dirty also now that I think more about it.

A third and final dream I can recall involves a scene from a previous dream. It reminded me of a smaller and more ruined version of Pompeii. I walked along the wreckage and was awed at the place. There were others, my mother and brother among them, who were taking pictures of the broken bricks and plaster. Weeds grew high and the workers were not the types to tidy the grounds for any visitors. I stood, saw a rabbit make his way through the cracks and ditches, and wondered what made this place worth the camera storage. Was it the history I was unaware of, or are people just attracted to destruction?

I never figured it out, however. I found myself inside a long cylinder and when a worker noticed me there he was very upset. I guess I had gone into the area not fenced in.

I was backstage and clearly wasn’t invited.

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