Text Messages

2016-07-13 19.24.242016-07-13 19.24.49

shirt: Anthropology | pants: American Eagle | shoes: Born Eva Sandal | glasses: BCBGMaxazria

I received a text yesterday:

“Did you make a new blog post or was that a dream”

is what it had said. I did not realize this person read my site, and it amazed me that they were thinking about it more than I was.

Something had to change about that.

I brainstormed, and recovered old ideas that had been stored in the depths of my mind. I had a hand full when I finished. I began dropping them as I walked my way over to my desk to write them down, and had to quickly snatch them up again before they disappeared forever. Ideas are pesky like that.

After work I asked my mom to take these two pictures using my phone.

“Your blog needs Arica fashion”

they had said. And right they were. So here is some to start curing that problem.

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