Italy: Stop 4

Stop 4: Siena. Up on a hill is a medieval town of curved buildings and narrow passages. Surrounded by Tuscany’s valleys of green and yellow patches, and after ascending ten or eleven escalators Rachel and I discovered the quaint yet grand Siena.

2016-03-19 20.21.432016-03-19 23.23.17

Beginning our adventure lost, per usual, we followed a long road down a residential street of small homes stuck together with years of history and aged plaster. Sheets hung from lines running along building edges that stretched farther than eyes can see. With no breaks between building, I felt as if the path would never end, and Piazza del Campo would never be found.

2016-03-19 22.54.282016-03-19 23.03.342016-03-19 23.05.39

We never made it to the end. Personally, I still think that quiet street goes on forever, leading to a stairway that steps up to the heavens of ancient glory, or something like that. Feeling distressed in the awe of our maze-like journey, and after having received multiple uninviting looks, Rachel and I backtracked and eventually joined the movement of people making their way to the piazza too.

2016-03-19 20.48.372016-03-19 21.13.332016-03-19 22.07.27

Side note: If you love chocolate, come to Siena. Rachel said, “If I knew Siena was famous for chocolate then we would have booked our bnb here instead of in Florence.” I do not disagree.

2016-03-19 22.27.292016-03-19 22.41.212016-03-19 22.49.39

The Cathedral of Stripes (what I like to call it) caught me off guard. There is a Polaroid (Rachel brought her Polaroid camera which is where all these pictures in my recent posts have come from) of the building where the stripes are sharp and clear. I love this image, and every time Siena comes to mind that picture is the opening scene in my film of memories often played around 12am on very particular nights.

2016-03-23 08.03.472016-03-23 07.59.142016-03-20 00.08.49

There are few places in the world that have the same feeling Siena does. It is a special place to say in the least, and I hope to find more Sienas’ along the way.

Next Stop: Rome

2016-03-20 23.10.15

featuring: Rach & Sadie

One thought on “Italy: Stop 4

  1. Arica,

    I am loving the adventures that you are taking us on. I feel like I am there in Italy with you. Keep the blogs coming!! Great job with the photos too!

    Aunt Diana

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