Italy: Stop 3

Stop 3: Florence. When Rachel and I arrived at the Florence train station we had no idea what was to come with only a few lefts and rights beyond. Wifi was extremely limited and. therefore,  navigation in a city unknown becomes a major issue. But when we eventually discovered a hotspot, we turned around from our dread and found the beauty the city is famous for. Our first sight was Duomo. It stood magnificently before us and we stopped short, taking a break from our route to the airbnb. I wish we still admired the craftsmanship people adored hundreds of years ago and continued to practice its creation. Living in New York City, the buildings have character, but there is something about ancient detail that really draws an onlooker in.

2016-03-18 20.09.092016-03-18 20.17.202016-03-18 20.06.53

After dinner on our only night we would be there, we decided to take a midnight stroll. It was a Saturday, so everyone was out and about. I wrote something then, a really quick sentence when I came back to my room later on.

2016-03-18 23.23.322016-03-18 22.30.522016-03-18 22.47.112016-03-18 22.53.082016-03-18 21.14.542016-03-18 23.07.15
I wrote: “The city lit up with people looking for something more and hoping to get something they have already found. Because Italy has seen it and so have they.”

And this is very evident of the people who walked about us all dressed up and flirtatious to match. They all lived in a fantasy, and I noticed that of all the people us two were the only real ones. A dream state hovered over the city when the sun went down, and I felt myself at points falling under its spell. I pulled myself out of it a few times with the recognition that we were either lost or alone. Without those breakers I’m not sure where we may have ended up in our glistering surroundings.

2016-03-19 06.37.382016-03-19 05.25.072016-03-19 05.34.302016-03-19 05.51.49

Florence is the city to get lost in especially if you do want to lose yourself. Find Duomo and keep on walking, eventually you will find somewhere you like and will settle down and someday will begin to awake once more and will crawl out to find nothing has changed in your absence. Even if you expected it to. That is another quality about Italy, it is timeless. Just make sure you keep yourself on your toes when you step down on its soil or it may erode away without you ever picking up a foot.

2016-03-23 08.04.25

Next Stop: Siena

2016-03-19 22.45.17

Featuring: me and Rach

One thought on “Italy: Stop 3

  1. My mother always said, “Florence is my favorite city in Italy,” and she was born near Rome. You really captured the magic of this city in your beautiful photos and description of your voyage. Thank you.

    Aunt Diana

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