Italy: Stop 2

Stop 2: Pompeii. Before going on this trip I had told Sadie and Rachel that I want to visit Pompeii. So from Naples we traveled by train passing cherry blossoms, orange trees, humble stays, and drying sheets hanging untouched and sun bleached. 40 minutes had disappeared in the slowing scene visible through the dusty windows of the train, and very promptly, standing tall and humming in the distance was Mount Vesuvius.

2016-03-17 20.25.412016-03-17 20.13.122016-03-17 20.10.28

We stepped off the platform onto a dirt street lined by stands selling the most bitter lemonade I’ve ever tasted. Bitter but the best. I walked up and around curving paths and my heart radiated in desire to see and know and mourn. There were many gates trying to close off the per-seasoners from entering the forbidden areas, but I think the workers thought of it as a shame to not let these no trespassing areas be trespassed. It was an easy task to slip pass the gate sides and explore alone and watchfully.

2016-03-17 21.33.112016-03-17 21.12.402016-03-17 20.42.572016-03-17 20.45.412016-03-17 21.50.51

At one point, before arriving in Italy, I saw an image online that served as an inspiration for me to originally want to explore this ruin in the first place. I stood there in a breath of awe and then noticed my friends tracking on, and so I shot a quick photo, blinked the image to capture it in my own brain as well, and went on my way.

2016-03-17 21.40.10

This way, however, led me to an even more wonderful discovery, not seen online. The whole past city, mountain range, stone pines and sea were captured in a single sight. I stood still in dainty, weedy flowers and watched the people below look at me beyond the gate and contemplate whether or not they should join me. They chose wrong.

2016-03-17 20.57.502016-03-17 22.01.172016-03-17 21.02.452016-03-17 21.52.412016-03-17 20.15.53
In an isolated house compartment, I thought what it must have been like under the falling ash and cornered by the screaming complaints. How much of a loss it was. How can I relate? This world is a Pompeii I realized. We, the people, are the volcano waiting to erupt and cover what once was and become a ruin to ourselves. It was only a quick thought, however. I left the empty room with a grass rug I found myself in shortly after it occurred.


Next Stop: Florence

2016-03-18 21.54.41

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2 thoughts on “Italy: Stop 2

  1. Arica,

    Keep the photos and thoughts coming to us from your eyes. I love hearing of your adventures overseas and it brings me back in time when I gist visited Italy.

    Aunt Diana

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