Two Thousand and Fifteen

Okay where do I begin with 2015.
I’m not really sure.
This year was rather, how do I put this?
A lot of good
A lot of bad
Overwhelming to say in the least
But I think there is something important about years such as 2015. We discover things we hadn’t experienced before that will last a lifetime and more.
So I applaud this year for keeping me on my toes, even if they started to hurt really bad sometimes.
This year consists of too many memories I would like to say, but at the same time the perfect amount. You want to be overflowing with treasured moments, otherwise you will end up poor.
Below are pictures that represent my 12 months. Each one having something to say and show. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and still do.













And those are just some of the many. From high school to college a lot has changed, but I’m glad, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One thought on “Two Thousand and Fifteen

  1. Arica, thanks for sharing your world with us during your 2015 memory lane. You are so fortunate to have such love, family, and friends in your life. Reflect and appreciate every moment. Cherish them for life and keep smiling. Photographs are in our portfolio of great memories. Love you!

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