A Dog Poem

I had a dream last night,
it was a terrible night sleep, one following an even more terrible night sleep 24 hours before. But
this dream,
it was more bittersweet than anything I can think.
I was alone and walking across a yard of which I am not liked to walk upon,
but there I went, walking.
And if I were to rate this walk I would say it was too open.
I did not feel comfortable on this path of golden leaves and grey trees.
However, I was not in any way sad, I was just missing
a life that went and there was no goodbyes for me
only “I’ll see you soon bud.”
But I won’t be seeing him soon anymore,
and I thought about that in this dream within a dream.
And I walked not too long before he came up from behind
and I was surprised but scared
I didn’t want to ruin it
because it was too real.
In a way it was more real than this life I lived yesterday and today.
There was so much happiness in his walk and being
and I was so neutral to this
just like I was before
before I knew anything would happen.
Because no one knew.
How could you know?
We walked along for a very short period of time
a few steps at most.
I wanted to touch him,
a test to see if it was real,
but I didn’t.
The possibility that there was nothing but a wish
was too hard to bear.
And then he faded first
the leaves and dying trees were fleeting
the open path erased beneath me
and then there was I
in a blink of death,
and then gone.

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3 thoughts on “A Dog Poem

  1. Lincoln will always be with you everyday. He is part of you and your family. He is always with you in spirit. Lucy is with me everyday too and I know she watches over me. I never feel alone and you won’t either. Sending big hugs and kisses to you. Aunt Diana

  2. I just finally went through my multitude of emails from last week and saw this. As tears stream down my face I feel so blessed to have you Arica. So blessed to have had the time we shared with Lincoln. I am so sorry that you were not able to say goodbye. It seems to me that he visited you in that dream so that you could say goodbye. He loved you and he knew how much you loved him. He is happy, wherever he is, and I hope some day he finds his way into one of my dreams too.

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