Zac Brown and His Band

Last night I went to the Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway for day 3 of the record breaking sell out at the park. And it was magical.

The tickets were bought the day before and I was in section A3 down on the field in row 28 seat 16. I didn’t realize how good the seats were until Leia (Lem as I like to call her) and I found them.

2015-08-09 20.04.01

Three drunk ladies ventured to the empty row before us, and one of them asked us to take a picture for us, “to make memories” she had said. Then she went on and told us “Life is too short so smile” and that is what we did, and we did not stop until the lights were put out and the band rested their instruments down after yet again another successful show.

They played the classics (Toes, Highway 20 Ride, Colder Weather, ect.),

and new songs from their very recent album: Jekyll + Hyde, which I did just download. Their song Bittersweet was said to be listened to when someone you knew and loved had just recently passed, and I cried. I really did.

2015-08-09 20.14.422015-08-09 20.26.222015-08-09 21.20.15

For a surprise, Steven Tyler came out and played two songs.

Here is a clip of one below:

Isn’t he just great?

It was an incredible experience, my favorite concert I’ve ever been to (sadly I haven’t been to too many which needs to change sooner rather than later).

That was quite possibly one of my last nights with Lem before we head off to college and meet up again for Thanksgiving, so I’m glad we got to share our time in an inspiring and cheering crowd before we head off into our hopefully cheering and inspiring futures.


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