Haunted Exploration

    It all started one night, I believe it was a Thursday. I was at work and the other busser I work with asks, “What are you doing after we get out?” and I replied, “I think I’m going to the movies with my friend Liv.” But I did not end up going to the movies, instead I kind of created my own.
The movie thing obviously didn’t pan out. None were appealing at the time, so instead I said lets go into my hot tub. So here we are, just Liv and I in my hot tub. She must of posted a picture of it to her snap chat story, which caught my friend Rachel’s attention, and so she texted me saying she was coming over and that was that.
We somehow got on the topic of ghosts, and that was not the first time that week that it had come up. Then Liv goes, “Lets go out and do something.” To which Rach continues, “Lets go to this graveyard I know of.” And so that is where this haunted mission all began.
At 10:45pm we were on the road. Livvi was geeking out, naturally, while I drove deeper into the graveyard to the lake in the back. There was a bench we sat ourselves on while we looked across the way, flinching at any moving light we saw (which were a lot by the way). Then Rachel tells us that the haunted hospital was close by, and that we should go there.
Now, I’ve heard many creepy stories about this place, and one including Rachel’s herself, and I was hooked. I was dying to see it, but the thing was we did not want to go only in a triple, especially with the Liv who tends to get frightened very very easily in situations such as this.
So we called a few of our friends until Sam answered. I went to Dan’s house to pick up Sam, Ryan, and Kellen and we are off. It ended up, expected by most of us, that Sam and Liv would stay behind. So six became four. We reached a broken window on ground level, after hopping over the fence, and we hesitated. “Should we go in?” we all were thinking. We did and it turned out to be great. I swear I heard a voice, along with all the broken glass and thumps we heard while inside.

Here is a picture I took in the burned section of the place. From left to right: Ryan, Rach, Kellen. (Squad)
2015-06-25 23.56.12
This night turned into a series of events. Rach and I visited during the day only a week later and took some crazy shots. It rained during our time there, which only added to the awesomeness of it all.

2015-07-08 04.26.032015-07-08 03.45.09
2015-07-08 04.13.162015-07-08 03.52.072015-07-08 03.54.272015-07-08 03.50.542015-07-08 04.03.442015-07-08 03.57.092015-07-08 03.57.402015-07-08 04.13.312015-07-08 03.57.202015-07-08 04.03.09
And then we wanted to venture to the basement and attic. The thing about an old abandoned TB hospital is that the air is not good, and probably should not be inhaled. So this time we came prepared, with a much larger crew.
The experience was not as terrifying as one would imagine. With 8 people, 6 of which being rowdy boys, it was hard to focus on all the little ticks and tacks of the building that one would like to appreciate if they are ghost believers.

We took mostly pictures of us. Ghost Busters I think one referred us to as.
Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.50.35 PM2015-07-13 22.11.24IMG_0449
I would also like to thank Kellen for the video clip contribution. (If you can, ignore his swearing, my apologies)

And even though I have been three times, I still have an urge to return, and maybe I will find something more than just debris and broken shelves..

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