Boards and Crashes

What’s new, I went to New York this weekend. The main attraction: Snowboarding for the brother and I. Skiing for the mom and uncle. Jiminy Peak was the place. We rented because our feet have grown much since we purchased the first board. Double in some instances.

Now I have weak wrists. A result of soccer and cracking from first reaction falling. And I can honestly admit, without those braces, that the kids at the rental suggested, I would most definitely be typing with my arms in casts. No doubt.

The first run I fell, dramatically most, a great deal of times. Surprised I was able to make it off the lifts. So surprised still. But you just need one bad run, and the rest seem to get better and better. The thing about snowboards is that if you lose momentum, which happened a lot for me since I’m such a beginner and I go slow down the slopes. You find yourself standing in the middle of a trail with no where to go often. It is very awkward, having one foot strapped to the board, and one walking you to your next destination. My muscles are very tired today. A few trails I took, and I wish I hadn’t. My very last run, I took some obscure small trail off between the trees. Mistake #1, It was a skinny trail, and the edge extremely steep. Mistake #2, I lost my uncle almost immediately and he waited for me for sometime until he finally gave up. Mistake #3, On various occasions, it is better to go down the slightly more challenging path rather than the easiest. You find out you are capable of more than you originally thought. Mistake #4, Don’t let gravity control you.

I fell in all kinds of fashions. Stomach slides, knee bruisers, tailbone throbbers, snow sprayers, and the most celebrated: people crashing. I still feel really bad for slamming into that 12 year old girl. A first time skier and I gave her no warning. Hey, I said I was sorry.

So at one point, I managed to drift from a far left to a ditch in the opposite right edge. My uncle witnessed it all, and he won’t let that go I fear for a long time. But during the short aftermath, I sat on the snow and finally got a good look at where I was. High in the blue hills. With scraggly pines and crusted whites.

And I would have taken more pictures, truly I would have. Hear me out, I have excuses to execute first.

-The battery on my phones hates me. So it decides to go from 94% to 4% in a matter of two hours with barely any use in between.

– I had to put those wrist bands over my gloves because they wouldn’t fit underneath, so it was a great, cold hassle to take them on and off.

– And finally, I just get caught up in the moment. Pictures to my own eyes come second.

But I (some are not my own. Thanks mom for having a good phone battery) did get a few.









It will be a few more drives and potential lessons until I can call myself an actual snowboarder, but until then, I’ll just enjoy the idea of the sport. And yes Maddie, I sat in the middle of the trail.

A friend recommended this song: Bad Religion by Frank Ocean

and now I recommend it to you.


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