White Everywhere

We’ve been hit by snow. Four feet I’d say.

The Boston area is a wonderland. Last week I had only two days of school, and tomorrow will be my first day back since February began. Being a senior in a winter like this is amazing.

I wrote a lot over these past few days. I watched some insane football. The reactions, the turnovers, the screams, the anxiety, the excitement. That game had a lot of emotion let me tell you. But the result was what we New Englanders were hoping for. The vine of Tom Brady’s reaction to Butler’s interception was everyone I can imagine, except Seahawk fans of course. That fight though, let me just say that if the Pats started that the media would be eating them alive, but barely anyone has spoken about it. Like really? Did anyone else notice that too?

Here is the vine link. It is a boyish perfection.

(That vine took me way to long to find until I realized that I could just search it on google……..)

ANYWAY, I went outside today with my dog in an attempt to take some pics. I got a few good ones.

2015-02-03 03.51.002015-02-03 03.48.172015-02-03 03.51.192015-02-03 03.49.102015-02-03 03.47.582015-02-03 03.51.32

I saw a watercolor when I went to this art gallery in Lyme, Connecticut. It was a beautiful snow scene with birch tree shadows. That is what I vision whenever I see darkened limbs stretched across the snow. The rich blue on the shimmering white.

You know when you have a ton of days off, and all of a sudden on that last night before school you feel like you have so much to do. Well that is me. I don’t know what I have to do, but I have to do it, so I’ll see you when I do.

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