14 to 15

Ahhh well, let me just add to the thousands of other 2015 blog posts.

Clearly lets begin with: Happy New Year Everybody!

            Happy 2015!


I heard or read (it has become challenging to distinguish the two from each other. I do so much of both!) somewhere of how goals should be started the moment they are thought. That it shouldn’t matter the time of year. And it is true. But isn’t it fun anyhow to think of how a 4 becoming a 5 represents a clean slate for the human race? This year I know I will be spending enormous amounts of time writing. To expand my style and knowledge. To hopefully adventure out of the little microcosm I live in and experience. To be successful in what I will be putting more of an effort into. This includes my blog here.

I want it to be… hmm how do I put this.. more me. I feel that it is just floating on a surface. Some of my Christmas posts I really enjoyed, while others were just ehhh. I want them to all be enthusiastic and exciting to read.

Those are a few of my goals for the upcoming 4 seasons.

By anyhow I went to NYC a few days ago. I left to come back home on December 30th (to miss the NYE hype and traffic). I had some wide varieties of food there: Dominican/Spanish, Japanese, Mexican, Italian. I watched Once on Broadway (amazing, beautiful, heart). I spent a lot of time at Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. And a lot of time just enjoying the atmosphere. On my last day, right before I was leaving on the bus, I snapped some awesome sunset pics. Here they are.





and this is a quick picture of Rockefeller center I took while walking past the mobs of bustling people in the cold air.


Christmas was good, I didn’t mention that. I got everything I desired and more. I’m so lucky to have such good people surrounding me. I really am. I hope your Christmas’s were even better.

What else, what else? Oh! So now that the holiday season has come to a close, and the decorations have mostly been taken down, I’m experiencing serious summer withdrawals. I always start to miss the warmth once Winter break has ended. Only to come to a realization that I still have 4-5 more months of chills. At least I can keep wearing socks. Socks are essentials I can’t live without at any time in the fall/winter/spring. But summer.. I feel like bursting into Olaf’s summer song, even though I can’t stand the music from Frozen (too overplayed). So this is saying something!

Another year means another Cherished memory answer in my Question & Answers book! Because I started off the questions in May of 2013, I am still only on the second lines between now and May 21st. If you don’t have one of these, I HIGHLY recommend. Plus this is the perfect time to start one, unlike me who began dead smack in the middle. And don’t think you won’t have the motivation. Trust me, you can stick with it easy. It becomes routine, just like brushing teeth.


Wonderful people. Have a good day. Until next time,


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