NYC Columbus Day Weekend: Fashion

Okay so about a month later, I return. School, school, and more school. What else can I say?

I’ve been trying to think of new things to post. Inspirational ideas, cute DIY’s, but nothing. But I knew my weekend to NYC was coming up, so I waited for that, hoping that something will come of it. Normally, my New York posts are an explanation of when I did, day to day. Last time, however, I slacked off big time with the last three days of my week there (this august). I took a ton of pics, they just never made it onto the timeline. So I wanted to change it up a bit. We all know that I rarely post about fashion, other than those few weeks last year that I spontaneously took a picture of my outfits EVERYDAY- the good and the bad. *sigh* It was time to take advantage. Now let me all remind you that I tend to pack light. I under pack. Don’t ask why, it just seems to happen quite often. So what I’m trying to say is that much of my clothes will repeat. Also, I did forget once, maybe twice, to photograph my outfits- the first, a navy t-shirt from Madewell, blue skinny jeans, and my blue sparkly sneakers- if you were curious.

Friday. I spent 5 hours in the car, and then changed into my forgotten outfit later that night.

This was taken at a museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut. We, my mom and I, stopped there on the way to the city to go to the bathroom. They had very nice landscapes there. We were impressed, plus the building was very photogenic itself.

In New York, we got in at around 3. We showered and got ready. My aunt was at a photo shoot, so we met her there, and then met my uncle later at La Bonne Soupe. I had a pretty fantastic omelet, and I must mention glasses of wine. Yum. Yum.

2014-10-10 12.55.15

Saturday. I went to tour Fordham. It was very ironic. During my time in NY, I met/heard about 6 people who had gone to Fordham. SIX! On my way home I was texting my friend, Leanna, and she told me her cousin also went to Fordham. I thought it was quite funny.

2014-10-11 18.01.36

Saturday Night. I ventured downtown and found an amazing German restaurant called Paulander. Did I mention that it was amazing?

Loving the maroon pants..

2014-10-11 18.57.13

2014-10-11 21.15.03

Sunday. We slept in a bit, everyone including the dog. We were tired what can I say? Eventually we made our way to the farmers market, and I bought a cute, old book for $5. Worth it. Shea Shea met us there with her puppy Digby, adorable, and we ventured past the fruit stands, the ostrich man (Digby’s favorite), the turkey man, and so on. At around 1 we split, and my mom and I went on our own and walked through Central Park to Lincoln Center. It was very nice out that day. The perfect fall day. I was a very happy camper, until I got hungry and we had to stop by the Brooklyn Diner before we picked up some olive oil at Whole Foods. Which was a failure, the oil I mean. Picked up non-cooking instead of cooking, what dunces we are.

image-1 image

Monday was a collection of jeans, a grey crew neck with a cursive “A” printed on the chest, and the same grey Toms I wore on Sunday. Then once I had to sit my butt back down on the car seat for 5 hours again, I changed back into my red pants.. I got a lot of use out of those guys this weekend. Oh boy.


2 thoughts on “NYC Columbus Day Weekend: Fashion

  1. Arica,

    You look so natural in NYC. It looks like you had fun and how was your tour of Fordham? Is that the one you want the most???

    Keep blogging! I love to read your adventures and good luck with school (not that you need any luck!)

    Love, Aunt Diana


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