Back in the Big Apple: Day 5-6

Date- Thursday: August 7th

Location- Lower East Side

Involved- Uncle and girl

Time- 12-2:30pm

Photos taken during this time frame-

2014-08-07 00.46.222014-08-07 00.46.032014-08-07 00.58.062014-08-07 00.52.212014-08-07 02.19.382014-08-07 02.24.53

Case closed.

Alright I’ll return to my normal dialogue now. Just wanted to try something different. On Friday I did A LOT. To start off my day I took the bus to 57th and Madison then walked to the Whitney museum. When I got there,  it was closed. I stood in a crowd of annoyed, confused people. Unfortunately, on Fridays the Whitney decided to open at 1, not 11. They need to change their site times. Instead, I took the bus to the MoMA and saw the amazing Toulouse- Lautrec exhibit.

photo2014-08-08 00.17.062014-08-08 00.22.062014-08-08 00.25.20 2014-08-08 00.14.16

Whenever I go into museums I get overwhelmed by the surrounding masterpieces. So I went out to the museum garden and read for a bit.

2014-08-08 01.01.09

Right now I am reading “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. It is an interesting book about a French, blind girl and a German, electronically-gifted boy during WWII. I’m half way through, and am excited to see how the two character’s paths will cross.

I left and jumped on a another bus to go uptown. I met my aunt and we strolled down to Korea Way, my favorite as we all know. I got dumplings, she got a bunn. After we walked to Tous les Jours for milk bread.

2014-08-08 02.31.36 2014-08-08 02.51.00Friday was another theater day. Two types, a movie and play. First I saw Gladiators of the Galaxy. Very funny. Second, to end my night, I went to Aladdin.

2014-08-08 08.00.27We met a man that works at the Amsterdam Theater (where the play was) before the show and asked if we would like to go backstage after. Of course we said yes. It was a cool experience, seeing how the productions come to life.

5000 pound hanging buildings, 1000s of Swarovski diamonds, exotic fabrics and prints, Disney magic. Everything plays a role.

2014-08-08 10.39.452014-08-08 10.42.402014-08-08 10.39.082014-08-08 10.51.252014-08-08 10.51.392014-08-08 10.52.132014-08-08 10.48.34

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