Back in the Big Apple: Day 3-4

So here I am, a 17 year old girl, in NYC, and wondering: When will I go out on my own?

August 5th was my first official day, and boy did it feel good. Questions of intimidation, nervousness, navigation were asked, but all answered with ease. I woke up early Tuesday, and readied myself for the bus to the MET, Metropolitan Museum of Art. “Arica,” my aunt said “make sure you see the Charles James exhibit there.” That was the main topic of the discussion we had before hand. Charles James, Charles James.

Oh I saw the Charles James exhibit, all of his exquisite cuts, matching fabrics, witty quotes, and desired designs, we can all say that the man was a genius, along with the show.

Each dress was assigned to its own camera. The light from the camera would scan the fabric of that dress over specific locations, and on the screen below images of how the dress was constructed were shown. James had a very precise way of cutting fabric to achieve his fantasy-like draping style. The screens made the process seem effortless, which displayed his level of brilliance with scissors and silk.

(Warning: Some of the pictures were taken on a weird camera setting. Stuffing it into a cramped bag will do things like that, so some picture may look rounded.. you will know what I mean.)

2014-08-04 22.13.032014-08-04 23.37.582014-08-04 22.29.252014-08-04 22.33.112014-08-04 22.30.572014-08-04 22.36.002014-08-04 22.28.092014-08-04 22.28.022014-08-04 22.37.222014-08-04 22.37.01 2014-08-04 23.08.59 2014-08-04 23.10.552014-08-04 23.15.48

His clover gowns were my favorite. After Charles James, I moved onto a different subject I adore. From fashion I went to Chinese calligraphy.

2014-08-04 23.28.192014-08-04 23.25.062014-08-04 23.27.022014-08-04 23.27.45

After the MET, I left to find my Aunt Carolyne and we ate at a Spanish restaurant. We shopped some, and then slit apart later that day. My Aunt Toni-Ann was helping to host a birthday party for her friend Christine. She and I cooked all the food, which turned out amazing. We took some time Tuesday night to do some preparation and see where the dinner would be taking place. Christine’s garden was so cute. I can’t believe she was able to find it in the cramped quarters of NYC, but she managed. At the party, we talked about how it looked like it belonged in a Parisian movie.

2014-08-05 07.07.112014-08-05 07.06.202014-08-05 07.05.54

Below are two random pictures I took in the street that I liked.

2014-08-04 23.59.402014-08-05 00.11.56

Anyway, I went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Bella’s with my aunt, uncle, and friends Charles, Charles Jr, and Sarah. We had so many inspiring conversations, and I will possibly be seeing them in the near future.

August 6th, a Wednesday, dedicated to the theater and a birthday.

Wednesday was an exciting day. I met with my Aunt Carolyne for a second time to explore her side of town, the theater district. She owns her own theater, and is such a popular figure in this corner of the city. We went to see Les Miserables which was amazing. I hadn’t seen a professional show in ages, 4 years to be exact, and it was much needed. The performance blew me away, and everything was perfect.

2014-08-06 01.38.322014-08-06 01.39.242014-08-06 03.41.09

The only thing that would have made it better would be if I could take pictures of the actors doing their thing, and if there was a splash of French in the script. That’s it.

Christine’s party was after the 3 hours long play. We cooked, we ate, we talked, and we listened to Irish music from 3 very talented musicians, who met for the first time at the party and managed to work well together. All of this, of course, in the magical garden in the back, under the multiple story buildings.

2014-08-06 20.53.112014-08-06 20.55.072014-08-06 22.24.22

It was such a good end to a good day.


One thought on “Back in the Big Apple: Day 3-4

  1. Looks like such a fun exciting time you had in Manhattan! I used to love doing all the things you had a chance to experience. You are a very lucky niece!!! Keep enjoying life and traveling!! Have fun!!! Love, Aunt Diana


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