Back in the Big Apple: Day 1-2

My week in New York City has returned once again! The horns, smoke, heat, rushing people, confused people, determined people. It really is a human playground. A city is so unnatural yet we find ourselves draw toward them, and building more spectacular and larger structures from the last. It’s marvelous to think about.

I arrived yesterday after a 4.5 hour long car ride, which ended up not being horrible. I listened to music the whole way, always a relaxing time. We stayed at the apartment for a couple of hours, regrouping and preparing for the wedding party for the newly weds: Jaughna and Nick.

I became the photographer at the party hosted at the Glass House Tavern. Even thought your may or may not know the people, I will introduce you.

IMG_1642First of course we have the main couple, Jaughna and Nick. They had their wedding in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Nick is from, a couple weeks ago.

IMG_1640Carolyne and Gloria

IMG_1656Gabby and Aunt Toni-Ann


IMG_1661Uncle Michael, Nick, Ken, Simon, and Andrew


 Uncle Michael, Joann, and Richard watching Ken give his speech to the bride + groom and everyone else.


I met so many nice people, and had an amazing time with my Aunt’s side of the family. After the party, we stayed at the bar for another hour, or was it two? Then we finally all split apart, because it was late, and the bride and groom had to go back home the next day to Tanzania. Did you know they don’t have quinoa there? I didn’t.

On day 2, today, Uncle Michael and I went to the Bronx to go Italian food shopping. Of course we bought the homemade raviolis, which were not easy to find since Borgatti’s is closed on Mondays. But we found an equally amazing replacement, Terranova. We got meat from Peters Meat Market, fruits, veggies, and bread.


And we can’t forget about my massive buffalo chicken pizza from Full Moon Pizzeria.

IMG_1675IMG_1676My hand is there to show the size, even though the plate already does it justice.

More posts to come over the next few days!


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