Cape Cod Sea Life

Living the beach life, is a life everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Traditions and beaches mix so well together. Over the past 7 years I have been going to the Cape with my family and the Burns family. It is always an anticipated event. Going to the same place every year for the 4th is a questionable act by some. But boredom doesn’t exist. The repetitive actions don’t ever feel over done, I look forward to them. Going to the lazy river beach, Chatham, P-town, staying at Ocean Edge, just being in the cape is special.

I sometimes forget how lucky I am that I live only 1 hour away from Cape Cod. People from all over the world come here just to see what I get to see multiple times a year. Its incredible. The diversity is immense, and it makes one’s vacation that much more interesting and enjoyable.

The best part, however, isn’t the diversity. It’s not the towns. It’s not the condo. It is the beaches. The ocean is such a prize that covers most of our planet. We all get to share these body of waters with everyone. The vastness makes one forget that there is something on the other side, beyond the horizon. You seem so small, and you wonder what is below. The ocean is still such a mystery. It’s floor is hardly known, but it’s shores are widely popular. There is a connection between the waters and living creatures. Our desire to touch its salty waters, to swim threw the crashing tides can overwhelm. Take a few steps back, sit in the sands, and look out to the unknown can calm. The ocean, I believe, can sooth a worn out soul, and restore it.

I tried to capture the oceans life here. At times the pictures were silly, were mysterious, were bright. Each has a different feeling. So now I present to you some of the Cape’s shores.


We have some tubers below:


Some posers:

IMG_1558IMG_5609 IMG_1565 IMG_1554

a painted scene:


And some unrelated:


If you ever have the chance to visit this place, take advantage. Recently I have realized that I need to take advantage of all situations. A sort of motto has developed around it. I’m still young, but any chance to travel, to experience, to have fun, I must take. I don’t want to regret anything, I just want to live clear of them.

Go to the Cape.

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