The past two days I have been spending a lot of time in Hull. Yesterday I went up with Leia, Megan, Pat, Maddie, and Josh. My dad and Leia’s dad, Stick, were there too, but not there with us (except for dinner at Daddy’s where I was asked to draw multiple pictures of the men surrounding me). And today the crew included Leia, Megan, Maddie, my mom, Lynn, and I.

But I’m moving to fast.

Yesterday was very fun and memorable. It included the beach, cute cottages, the sun, tan lines, trail walks, Daddy’s, ice cream, a squad, and our own Woodstock as we liked to call it (even though it was far from it, preppy families, thousands of kids, and one band..).

I would like to inform everyone that these pictures, and the pictures in my previous post (Troy, NY) were all taken with my iPhone, so bear with me, but I think these came out pretty good. Plus I’m trying to experiment with filters, so keep that in mind too).

IMG_5535IMG_5541IMG_5542IMG_5543IMG_5544IMG_5545IMG_5546IMG_5547IMG_5556Perfect example of our goofiness.

When we got to World’s End, after climbing the treacherous hill, we plopped ourselves down on our blanket and chilled. At sunset, me and Leia went into the line for the ice cream truck. Now, I mentioned before how many kids were here. And if you mix kids with ice cream, a long line is always the outcome. We timed it. We waited in that line for 45 minutes, just for two small ice creams, which were very good. But that is total dedication.


This is also where our “squad” officially formed. It includes Leia, Josh, and I. This is our squad symbol 💂. So if you ever see that emoji, you know what it is for.

The next morning I drove back to Hull with Leia and Maddie. We went straight to the private part of Nantasket Beach, by the houses. Our moms met up with us an hour later. Today, unlike Saturday, was much chillier. So we decided to cross the street, and sit in front of the bay, on the street edge. You may still be wondering why this post is called “Rednecks”.. This is because we decided to name our little beach Redneck Beach. So for all the rednecks/ city goers that come so close to the beach, but just miss it and sit on the street edge looking out to the bay, we are here for you.


Another day, another day after that, completed. This summer so far (It has only been a week!) Has so far been my best summer yet, and it has only just begun! I get so excited for the next day, even if I don’t know what I’m going to expect. That is the beauty of it.

Live life unexpected.

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