Troy, NY

There is something about a farmers market that makes me jump for joy. The fresh foods and the pie tastings are such simple things, but they can make a group of people come together and be happy. This past weekend I went to New York. During this trip we went to Troy to go to the festival and weekly farmers market. They had booths lining the streets, and each one placed cleverly in front of the store they represented. We met our friend, who owns a store along the street. Then, brought some fresh strawberries and a cherry tart at the market.


I would really like to start a farmers market in my town. The thought came to me once before, but it had vanished, until this refreshed me of it. I need some sort of push, however, to get me going. This was something of that sort. I was inspired of how it is a yearly event. When it’s cold they go in, and when it’s warm they come out. I think this would be such a brilliant idea, and way for our community to come together and share what our local farmers/bakers/butchers have to offer.

Now, the question I ask now is: Where do I even begin?

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