Part 3: Paris

Ahhh day 6. April 22nd (my dog’s birthday) The day basically all the hopeless romantics have been waiting for. The day we go to Paris. That morning we left Normandy and drove to Paris. The ride there was just like all the others. Fields and fields of canola flowers and green landscape. Then, as the traffic began to build and the fields shrunk by the miles or kilometers as they would call it, we entered the city.

I mentioned before that I really don’t like taking photos through windows, but I was excited and right before my eyes was one of the most iconic structures of all time. The Eiffel Tower. This post is going to show many pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Sorry if it becomes repetitive, but I have to. It was my first time in the City of Lights.

 2014-04-21 18.51.552014-04-21 18.37.27

When we got off the bus we stopped in a popular area for lunch. The free time wasn’t very long so me, Sadie, Rachel, Leia, Amanda, and Helena raced to find a restaurant. We finally found one. In Europe they tend to set up the menu in a way where you can spend your euros for a three course meal. Four people at the table did that. That is when our trouble began. At first we got served our first course (me and Rach got our main meal, because we did not do the 3 courses). I got a cheese and egg crepe, and Rach got escargot. Surprisingly she loved those snails! Anyway, as we waited for the next course to come out, we began to realize how close our free time was to the limit. We had to be back in 20 minutes. That is when we started to panic. We didn’t know what to do, so once again I was the one to get the waiter’s attention to tell him we needed the check now and that we won’t be able to get dessert, but we will still pay for it. He was very confused with this request. I had to keep explaining our situation of time restraint to him until he finally agreed. We had 10 minutes left when the main meal came. Me and Rach helped Leia eat her spaghetti, while everyone else shoveled their food down. We left the restaurant with 5 minutes to go. We ate our meals in 5 minutes. That was possibly the fastest I have ever eaten, and I am a fast eater to begin with. We ran back to the meeting point, where we ended up waiting 20 minutes for our bus anyway. Oh well.

2014-04-21 19.02.522014-04-21 19.24.302014-04-21 20.01.40

When the bus finally came, we drove around the heart of Paris for a bus tour. I didn’t get a lot of pictures on the tour, well actually none. But we did take a few stops along the way. First, we stopped at Les Invalides. Inside holds the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte!

  2014-04-21 21.04.052014-04-21 21.07.492014-04-21 21.13.56

In this last picture, we had a little trouble. I looked away at the last second. *sigh*

Our next stop was the Arc de Triomphe

2014-04-21 22.13.10

On this day, we didn’t actually go to the Eiffel Tower, but we went to an amazing viewing point to see the tower. We took a lot of pictures here.

   2014-04-21 21.39.472014-04-21 21.45.102014-04-21 21.50.452014-04-21 21.52.12

I took this, and Kristen had no idea. It was such a funny shot!

And below, me and Rachel’s skirts were flying up with the wind. We had to take so many pictures to get one without our skirts chillin’ up north instead of hangin’ down south. There were a few girls sitting in front of us while we were taking them, and because we couldn’t stop laughing, they started laughing. It was a funny moment on the trip.

2014-04-22 12.59.04

That night we went to our hotel. It was definitely the most high end hotel out of the bunch. The room was a triple, so I roomed with Rachel and Sadie.

This was the lobby, and this was our room.

2014-04-21 23.04.022014-04-22 12.28.202014-04-22 04.11.43

For dinner that night, we walked to a restaurant that sold these really cool pizzas. On the way there, a rainbow showed itself to us, only after having a ten minute rain shower.

2014-04-22 18.07.33

But back to the pizzas. The menu had less than ten things on it. I can’t remember the name of the pizza, but all I know was that it had white sauce and bacon on them. Now I’m not a fan of bacon, but this was an exception. It was so yummy. Then, they came out with apple and chocolate pizzas, and it was to die for. I could not tell you how many pieces I had! I lost count. That’s what happens when you get all you can eat pizza.

2014-04-22 00.48.562014-04-22 02.23.25

At dinner, the teachers gave us an opportunity to be able to go to go on the fastest elevator in the world to see a panoramic view of Paris, and then go on a boat ride the next day, so naturally me and Rachel did it, along with half the group.

2014-04-22 02.43.37

I have to say, I was expecting the elevator to be (how do I say this?) more flashy. More exciting. We were told that there would be a short elevator ride up to get to the next ride, but I think they just told us that, so we wouldn’t be too disappointed before it was too late. But, I do have to say, It was a fast elevator.

2014-04-22 02.48.062014-04-22 02.53.252014-04-22 03.05.48

I do have a story that goes along with this, that involves me, Hannah, and ummmm other French people, but it is kind of a depressing moment. I’m just going to say this. When you have the opportunity to do something DO IT, or else you will regret it for the rest of your vacation, no, your life! I’m still getting over my annoying teenage self on this one.

After the tower, we walked through the night back to our hotel.

The next morning on April 23rd we got up, once again, ready to explore Paris! We first stopped at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

  2014-04-22 18.23.272014-04-22 18.36.122014-04-22 18.38.06

It was so grand and intricate. I wonder why we no longer use this kind of architecture anymore. It is so beautiful. Wouldn’t we all want our buildings to be this beautiful? I wonder.

Next we went to the Louvre Museum. I remember my mom telling me once, that when she was in Paris with her friend they took a day off. Her friend went to explore whatever she wanted to see, and my mom explored what she wanted to see. This was it. My mom being an artist, naturally would be drawn in by one of the best art collections in the world, all held in one place. However, on that particular day the museum was closed! She was devastated. Next year she is going back to Paris though, so maybe she will get the opportunity to go back. Not all sad stories, have a sad ending.

  2014-04-22 15.42.062014-04-22 15.52.382014-04-22 16.11.022014-04-22 16.11.452014-04-22 16.13.472014-04-22 16.20.302014-04-22 16.26.392014-04-22 16.26.482014-04-22 16.26.592014-04-22 16.40.19

Then I saw it. Yes, I saw it. You may or may not know what I saw, but I bet if you thought of the most famous masterpiece, you would guess it, then you would know what I saw.

I saw the Mona Lisa, in real life. The crowd was monstrous, but I shoved my way through, all the way to the front. I was trying so hard to get a picture of the painting, ignoring the fact that it was behind a glass wall, while my arm was constantly being hit, and half of my photographs turned out blurry. But I did get one pretty good picture. So now I present to you, an okay, but monumental picture in my life, that was behind glass, that I had to give a couple dirty looks to the man that kept hitting my arm while I desperately tried to take the picture, and I felt like I was the biggest tourist of all time, the Mona Lisa.

2014-04-22 16.16.44

I was so overwhelmed, I just stood there, and starred. I took it all in. Then, I turned away, pushed through the crowd once more, and didn’t see it again.

2014-04-22 16.22.31

Next stop was right outside the museum. The glass pyramid, or the Louvre Pyramid.

  2014-04-22 17.48.272014-04-22 17.48.442014-04-22 17.51.11

After the Louvre, we went on a boat tour on the Seine River. We walked past the Love Lock bridge on the way.

2014-04-22 18.00.24 2014-04-22 18.00.31

In the second picture at the dock to board the boat, you can see Helen to the right!

 2014-04-22 19.21.432014-04-22 19.22.522014-04-23 15.43.40

On the boat ride, we were half way done, when all of a sudden Rach had to go. And she had to go, BAD. The whole way back to the dock she was freaking out because there was no bathroom, it got so bad at one point that she started to cry! When we finally docked, we both ran off the boat only to be confronted with a line at the bathroom. She looked at me in desperation. We were laughing so hard, well I was. We made such a scene in that line that the people in front of us felt bad, so they let her cut. I would tell you how many seconds her pee was, but that might be too much information..

It was 102 seconds.

Okay! So now it’s time for the Eiffel Tower!!!!!!

We waited in a huge line, before we could actually start to climb, but that was expected. At first I didn’t want to climb. I don’t know why, I was just in a mood, but once I started I couldn’t stop! I passed all my friends and ran up to the 2nd platform without taking a break.

  2014-04-22 22.00.222014-04-22 23.00.412014-04-22 23.01.592014-04-22 23.03.362014-04-22 23.08.062014-04-22 23.11.002014-04-22 23.11.10

I saw a few girls from my school up there writing their names on it. I asked to borrow their pen, and did the following.

2014-04-22 23.26.22

It was funny because I could see in dark, new ink that HC was written next to mine. And when I saw it I wondered if those were my friend’s initials. Later that day, Hannah showed me her picture of the same initials, with the same background view as mine. “I saw yours!” I yelled, “your name is right next to mine!” I told her. Such a coincidence.

This was Sadie, Leia, me, Rachel, Mr. and Mrs, Dempsey once we climbed back down.


That night we went out for dinner again, but at the moment I can’t think of what it was called. All I know is that everywhere I went, I liked the food, and I ate it no matter what.

This was our last day in Paris. I hardly got any free time to go shopping, which was a down fall, but I will make up for that next time I go. I loved this city, I wish we had more time to explore. The next morning we woke up early for the flight to Madrid, but did we go to bed early? Nope, no we didn’t. Over this vacation, I think I got the least amount of sleep in my entire life. But I didn’t want to miss any of it. My dad said to me before I left, “Don’t miss a thing! You can sleep when you get home.” And that is exactly what I did.

Until next time

2014-04-24 07.34.45

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