Prom Has Arrived

Prom season has sprung upon us just as fast as your camera roll goes from 0 photos to 368 photos. Pictures Pictures Pictures, that is what is expected on the big day from all of the juniors and seniors, with a sprinkle of freshman and sophomores mixed in too. Now I know you may have already seen so many prom related photographs, whether it is from twitter accounts dedicated to cute ways to ask someone to prom, magazines for teenagers, your friends who have gone, all the dresses people have gotten, ext. It’s an endless process. And for my fellow Juniors, are you ready for next year? My prom was Friday, and I just thought this would be the perfect place to get out all my typical white girlness junk. Just post everything up here, so everyone can see all my beautiful friends, even if you don’t know them.
Here is to prom season.

Warning: If your are suddenly blinded don’t be alarmed just look away from me for a moment. The blinding effects from the paleness of my skin are only temporary!

Down below was my date. His name is Josh, if you were wondering.

IMG_2703 IMG_2708IMG_2750   IMG_2714 IMG_2699 IMG_2719 IMG_2747 IMG_2755 IMG_2736 IMG_2728 IMG_2725 IMG_2718 IMG_2732 IMG_2711 IMG_4947 IMG_4935 IMG_4952 IMG_4949

And I don’t want to forget my beautiful friend Rachel! Her dresses zipper broke before the dance, but that didn’t stop her. She strolled right into the dance in her sweatshirt and sweatpants with the confidence of Beyoncé. Sorry for the blurry picture, the boy taking it had no idea how to.


This was the back of Maddie, me, and Kalie’s dresses.


I thought this was a good picture to end on. Prom can be stressful, but it can all be worth it in the end if you take advantage of the night!

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