Desk Character

I think every desk has little miscellaneous things scattered, hidden, or tucked some where in it. We just keep them there in case we may need them someday, or maybe to just look at them, our precious junk. No one will care for it or maybe even enjoy it, but you will. Isn’t that all that matters? Below is some of my precious junk, that you will not care for. This post probably has no meaning to you, unless you have a desk. So here is some junk.

IMG_0477Sparklers and Colored Pencils

IMG_0488My wrap bracelet, blue dots from a folder, a plastic mouse, a piece of glue from a hot glue gun that looks like a rain drop, and a computer.

IMG_0485Notebook paper from my favorite Elton John notebook, and a graphite pencil


IMG_0479Buttons, a pop up art square I made in middle school, a screw, a hook, colored pencils that look like tree branches from Anthropology.

IMG_0492My passport, a flower from my flower press book, and a calligraphy pen

IMG_0495A bag full of Paris related blocks, some of the blocks (The Eiffel Tower, a car, and the Arc de Triomphe), and a red pouch with a colorful bear sewn on it


Bottle of ink, a dried flower, and a tiny clothes pin

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