Wreck This Journal

You may or may not be familiar with the book by Keri Smith called the Wreck This Journal. I got mine in May for by birthday (Thank you Leia!) and I have destroyed this gift pretty well if I say so myself. I, however, am not alone in this wrecking process. My two friends Kalie and Maddie both have these journals. This post is just showing some of our favorite pages. I will divide it by person. First lets start with the covers..

IMG_0352(Right) Maddie, (Middle) mine, (Left) Kalie

Now here are some of Kalie’s pages


Here are some of Maddie’s pages


Finally, my pagesIMG_0364IMG_0356


There is a page in the journal that asks if a friend can destroy this one page. So we decided to swap our journals. Maddie had Kalie’s. I had Maddie’s. And Kalie had mine. This is how those pages turned out.

Kalie’s page done by Maddie

IMG_0357Maddie’s page done by Me (It has a theme of a murder case if you were wondering)

IMG_0361IMG_0362My page done by Kalie


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