A Weekend in the City

This weekend I am exploring colleges as well as this city that I love so much.

This post is going to be all about Friday.

So I skipped school on Friday ( I was very pumped by that by the way )

and instead I went to Stonehill College with my mom to sit in on her class. At 11 the class ended and we were off on a 3 hour and 30 minute drive to Marist.


I mean it was a beautiful day, beautiful campus, what could go wrong?

After our little personal tour was over we were to the city. Surprisingly on a Friday afternoon we hit no traffic. I repeat no traffic. We arrived at Aunt Toni-Ann’s apartment, and then quickly left because we were hungry. We went to the Mandoo Bar ( oh I love Korea Way ) and then Tous Les Jours to get my favorite, Milk Bread!!


This first part of my night was an imitation of my last first night here back to June. Here is the link to that post https://aricamccarthy.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/day-one-in-nyc/

After was were stuffed with food we began to walk to the theater district, and stopped at H&M for a quick late night shop. I got a pair of $15 shoes that I will do a post on soon…


At 10:45 we went to Deacon & Brodie’s and played on the computer games they have set up.

We said goodbye because we were all getting tired at this point, and my aunt, mom, and I all started to walk back to the apartment. Then we saw a CVS. We had to spend all of our extra bucks that we got from them. It was funny because we kept walking in and spending the extra bucks on the receipt. After we got all our stuff we walked a couple blocks back to the apartment. I didn’t put this post up last night because we got home at 1am, so here it is on a beautiful Saturday Morning.

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