Apple Picking


As you can probably tell from the title and the two previous pictures I went apple picking with my friends Maddie and Kalie


Once we finished picking we walked to the Halloween store


That was also making donuts. And let me just tell you that they smelled really good


And when we sat down a little bit later this chicken befriended us..


Then afterward we went back to kalie’s house and made apple crisp mmmmmmmm it was so yummy


Later that night we went to Barnes and Noble in search for some books that are related to the Wreck This Journal. All three of us own one, and have recently been getting into ours. One book we did like in particular was 642 Thing To Write About. Another book that I own, and currently working on, is the Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal. It’s a really interesting thing to do everyday for five years. You may be thinking that you wouldn’t keep up with it, and I thought that too, but I have. I haven’t missed a day since may. I highly recommend all these books. Everyone needs creativity in their life. Being creative once a day can really make an impact on your creative mind.

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