Mass Art Tour

My Art Class took a field trip to Mass Art College in Boston today!

It was my first school tour, so I didn’t really know what to expect

We left the high school at 7:10 am, I know early right, and headed to a sport/ arcade complex. We all were focused on projecting an image of our school logo on the wall, when we noticed the arcade.


The arcade was finished, but it has not been opened to the public yet. We were the first ones.

As we walked to the back we noticed the laser tag room. We did start to run when we saw that sign.

We used our phone flashlights to get some pictures.

Here is the equipment, kind of a creepy picture.


Then we left the arcade, and drove off to Boston

With some time before the Mass Art tour, we parked our van in the Museum of Fine Arts parking lot, and went to check out the museum school. This rhino greeted us at the door..


Anyway we walked in and immediately raided the school store. I used coins to pay for my drawing pencils. Yup sorry mom I don’t have any change to give back to you.


After this shopping spree, we walked to Mass Art.


We looked at the departments that interested us, and then dorm rooms for freshmen.

The department that interested me the most was the painting and fashion ones.

IMG_3288 IMG_3289

It was pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome this was painted on one on the dorm hallways along with the dry-erase walls that neighbor it.


We also went to take a look at the school’s library and its views


At 12:15 it was time to go so we can make it back before the school bell rang.

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