Day in Boston

My Grandmother (Mimmy) and my Aunt Paula came for a visit from Albany, NY for the last couple days.

Today we went to Boston, and did some shopping!



On Newbury Street,  I went to Jack Wills, Johnny Cupcakes, and Brandy Melville. At Johnny Cupcakes I just got a plain heather grey t-shirt with and little Johnny Cupcakes symbol on the pocket.


At Brandy Melville I got a jean vest.



At Jack wills I got this green military jacket, which happened to be $69 compared to the original price of $128.


Then, for dinner we met up with my cousin and his wife for dinner. We went to a place called The Beehive. As we waited for them to arrive we took a couple pictures outside the restaurant.

IMG_2904IMG_2910(left to right: My mom, Mimmy, Aunt Paula)

The Beehive is in South Boston. It is a really cool place, with awesome food I have to say.

After dinner we went to an ice cream shop that apparently does not use dairy in their ice cream.

Instead they use almond or cocoanut milk. It was really really Good!


The flavor I got was avocado. Yes, it is true there is avocado ice cream, and no it doesn’t taste gross. It actually tastes really yummy and sweet. Its hard to explain the flavor. I guess you just have to go try it yourself.


And that’s where the night ended.

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