Day five in NYC

I woke up early to go to work with my aunt this morning. She works at the Bloomingdale’s offices.


This picture above is awful but it does show the sign

Then we went to FLIP for lunch. This is a salted caramel milkshake. Yes it was very good.


  We went to two museums today. This was the first, and it showed old books, with beautiful drawing/paintings in each.


    On the way to the Metropolitan Museum of art we stopped at Brian Atwood, and I was very impressed indeed.


The MET !


     The PUNK exhibit


This was on the roof top


Here is my aunt at the Egypt exhibit


Then we walked through Central Park where I happened to see Zendaya from the TV show Shake it up. Pretty cool I must say. I did actually see her right up close.. she was standing right in front of me actually, but I didn’t take a picture. Why I don’t know. hahaha       (but in this picture doesn’t she look like she is taking a picture of me taking one of her??)


Then at Bergdorf Goodman I saw many things I liked




IMG_2616  But obviously I didn’t get anything (*sigh*), however, my aunt did. She got a Dries dress.

And then we went back to the apartment

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