Happy Bastille Day!

Today is a special day for the French (which I happen to be 25% of) !

On the way to 60th street (where the festival was being held), I walked through central park.


For people who don’t know what Bastille Day is..

It is this day, July 14th, in 1789 when the middle class and poor stormed the Bastille prison. They got a hold of the weapons inside, and freed the prisoners who had criticized the king. This raid started the French Revolution, which killed the Monarchy, and built a Republic.  As you can see it was very crowded. Very Crowded.


Here is a vender that made crepes.


I never got to try one because the wait was way to long! Oh well.

Oh and I also saw this bread. I thought it was picture worthy.


Anyway, we were so hot from all the walking so we stopped by the Lincoln Plaza Cinema, and watched the independent film Frances Ha. I thought it was good, but I got bored at times.

So that was how my third day in NYC went.

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