Day One in NYC

In the morning, my mom and I went to Newton to drop me off at the bus station. We got my ticket, and quickly went to the town center to get food. This is the cute train station my mom and I were parked next to.


I arrived in NYC later that day after my five hour bus ride.

Then went to West 32nd Street (Korea Way) for dinner at the Mandoo Korean Restaurant.


I started with the Vegetable Mool Mandoo



Then I got the Vegetable fried rice for my main dish.. as you can see below I ate every morsel.


After dinner, Me, Aunt Toni-Ann, Uncle Michael, and Lauren all went to Tous les Jours for dessert.

This is my aunt


Below is my wonderful discovery called Milk Bread (for some reason this bread looks like the bread Chihiro (Sen) eats when she gets sick from the water spirit cake in the movie Spirited Away.)


After that we parted from Lauren at the subway, and when back to my Aunt + Uncles Apartment

View from the balcony


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